About World Wide Web Software Application Services

Team of W3SAS

World Wide Web Software Application Services is founded by a group of lighting experts in the field offering robust and cost effective lighting solutions for Software industries.
" Individuals can and do make a difference, But it takes a team to really mess things up. "

Sumit Gupta

Founder and CEO

Sumit is an ideal mix of a technology specialist and a good personal managers.In software technologies he has mastery in Microsoft and Java technologies. He has acquired excellent grasp of software design and the architecture. Sumit acts as the evangelist for the organization. With his ability to define the working processes of a team he comes to the team as a natural leader and problem solver.

Sunny Srivastava

Project Manager

A meritorious student of I.T Engg. Apart from various programming languages, his technical work areas include algorithms. Sunny has excellent handle on software architecture and especially web development environments. Comes to the team as rational thinker with an eye for detail, having skills to grasp new concepts and ideas and person who pursues ideas to a logical conclusion.

Atul Yadav

Business Development Manager

He has contributed in full software development life cycle projects. Saif is a thorough analyst, contributing many alternate solutions to any given problem. Saif comes to the team as a team player and a person who can take forward ideas.

Abhishek Jaiswal

Senior Project Manager

A quick thinker, Amrit is someone who brings to the group a capacity to generate new ideas. He has an ability to experiment and generate rapid prototypes and solution for any given problem. Amrit comes to the team as a person who thinks out of the box.